Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting Releases for the Week of January 11th

Finally some new releases to look forward to! This weekend marks the much anticipated release of Cloverfield, as well as the sundance fave Teeth, the new Woody Allen Cassandra's Dream, and a pair of Chinese films (Still Life and Summer Palace) taboot! Anything else I'm missing?!?!?


Brussel Sprout said...

I'm having a tough time swallowing the fact that Colin Farrell is in a Woody Allen flick. Is Teeth the documentary about the Gelgameck women?

anonymous2 said...

Hey Brussel Sprout!

Thanks for your post unfortunately due to the writer's strike the site hasn't been getting many hits. Oh well, they'll settle it soon enough I hope. I agree Colin Farrell in a Woody Allen flick blows. It also sucks that I will probably see In Bruges with him in February as well. Two Colin Farrell flicks in less than a month is more than I'm going to need for the next two years. But to answer your question Teeth is the film about the Gelgameck woman and you can watch the first 5 minutes online now over at Enjoy!